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Psychoacoustic Music is a collective of like-minded artists and musicians doing their part to make music and art meaningful and memorable again. The COLLECTIVE exists as a facility where artists of all mediums can gather to create art that is above the normal and acceptable level of mediocrity in our culture. We understand that the current trends and over saturation of music and art that is being force-fed to us as a society can be mind numbing. We endeavor to provide a creative outlet where cutting edge, thought provoking, soul-searching art is created to and for the glory of God. We endeavor to pursue creativity in a way that honors God, who is the greatest creator, and desire to do it in a manner in which we are not impressed by our abilities, but by the source of these gifts. To that end, we hope to encourage and inspire, our community to investigate, seek out, and be found by God. We hope you will join us.

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